Lesson 6 – klasa V – gr. pani Ani


Thank you for all your emails. It’s our last lesson in your red books. In you’r notebook write the topic and date please.

Topic: Fun time – units 7-8. Date: 26th March 2020

Write the past forms of verbs: blow, study, make, have, wear, play, stay, drink, read, feel, ride, see, watch, give, sleep, fly, go, order, travel, eat, buy, visit

When you are ready, open your Student’s book at page 144 (it you have an eBook, you can use it instead).  Play the game, make sentences with the given verbs. Then complete the quiz. If you have the eBook listen to the song and fill in the gaps, please.

That’s all for today.

On Friday we start working in Blaze 2.

See you then!

PS  Remember about instaling, PLEASE!