Lesson 8 – klasa 3

Hello on Thursday! How are you today? Thank you for your hard work and all your emails.

Let’s start.  Topic: Troll tales. Date: 26th March 2020

Open your Pupil’s Books at page 68 and read Troll Tales ( I know you love them!). You can also watch this episode here:

Take a pen or a pencil and underline all forms of verb to be in the past (was/wasn’t, were/weren’t). Then read Troll Tales aloud as many times as you wish.

Now open your Vocabulary Grammar Books at page 93 and complete exercise 4 and 5. Send the picture of this page to me, please. (anna_ignatowicz@wp.pl).

Remember about instaling, please!

See you next week!

For volunteers some Maths in English https://www.twinkl.pl/go/resource/dinosaur-multiples-bubble-pop-maths-game-tg-377